Casey D.
We have had the pleasure and opportunity of working with Mike twice. From the moment I spoke to him on the phone regarding our inquiry and goals, he was very professional, knowledgeable, informative and flexible. Once our dog turned 6 months old, Mike was willing to take him on and trained him beyond our expectations. Now, our Dash is a service dog for our eldest son who has special needs and medical concerns. Mike has this great passion and ability to work with dogs that is almost magical. His patience to teach our family and our special needs son how to maintain training and explaining how to approach certain behaviors was nothing short of amazing. Mike is also very accommodating. Just recently, while the family went on vacation, we decided to have Dash board and continue training with Mike. In one week time, Dash was safely returned to us with his training polished. Just today (Christmas day), Dash followed simple commands such as leave it and bit not one piece of wrapping paper amongst a sea of gifts, nor did he bite or take not one of our three children's toys. For a young dog to display such control, means he was trained well. Our family highly recommends Mike at ABC's of dog training for both training and boarding. We look forward to working with Mike again in the future for more advanced training for our Dash.
M K.
I adopted my first dog two years ago, the organization I adopted him from told me that the 6-week-old terrier mix I was bringing home would grow to a max of 30 lbs. It was a surprise when he continued to grow bigger and bigger - and bigger. After countless training sessions at Unleashed, as well as, one-on-one sessions with random dog trainers that I found online - my 75 lb. terrier akita mix was still difficult on a leash and anxious around large dogs. And then someone told me about Mike!! Mike is a true professional and animal lover. He's worked closely with my dog in one-on-one sessions and group sessions. He taught my dog how to walk on leash at ease, how to interact with large dogs, and how to keep his anxiety down in situations that used to set him off. Beyond the amazing work he does with pets, he has taught me how to be a better dog mom. Recommending training equipment and alternate walking techniques. I continue to bring my dog to him from time to time for maintenance training and have boarded my dog at his facility while I've been out of town. I would highly recommended his services to anyone looking for assistance with their dog!
Lainie M.
Fantastic!! I have a (now) 6 month German Shepherd. I didn't do my investigation and got him from a friend of a friend who's dad breeds them in PA. When I got my pup (Ollie), he was a little scared of other dogs. He would bark at them and go crazy, he will also see certain people and go nuts as well. If you got into an elevator with me and him, he would bark at you. Not in an aggressive way, more like who are you give me love kinda of way. He also loved to pull and drag me or whoever walked him around. I had already trained him with potty training, but was concerned that his behavior kept getting worse. My neighbor also has a German Shepherd and her dog is insane. She can barely control him and he's also super aggressive. My fear was that Ollie would wind up like that and that I'd have to give him up because I wouldn't be able to control him). After reading a lot of reviews, I contacted Abcs of Dog Training, and spoke to Michael. I was interested in the three week training. Michael was very clear and honest from the start. Seemed to know what he was doing. He agreed to come pick up Ollie. While away, Michael sent me updates. He taught him commands and socialized Ollie. Now when I take him for walks, Ollie never barks at anyone, not even at other dogs. The only time when he barks is when we are inside the home and there's someone approaching the door from the outside. He walks great on the leash, and listens to me. You have to keep on practicing the commands (heel, sit, leave it, lay down, stay, drop it, measure walk, and a few more). I'm extremely grateful for Michael and his training. Training was a bit expensive but so worth it. Michael also offers the two week follow up and is there for any questions you may have before and after the process.
Jessica F.
My 7 month old Rottie is a new dog after 3 weeks with Michael and his team. It is truly amazing how much he learned in such little time. ABC's of Dog Training not only worked great with Harley (my pup) but also included me in every step of Harley's training. I was sent many many videos and received status calls. They stand behind their training and truly ensure a smooth process for both dog and owner! Never will Harley go elsewhere for training or boarding!
Jana L.
Incredible!! After meeting Michelle and Mark, we left our German Shepard there for three weeks to be trained and knew that she was in safe and lovable hands! Upon her return, August's behavior and temperament exceeded our expectations. She has shown mastery of the commands taught to her and is once again enjoyable on our walks together We highly recommend Mike and his team to anyone looking to train their beloved pets!