Dog Boarding and Training

Dog Boarding and Training with ABC's of Dog Training

ABC’s of Dog Training now offers a boarding and training program. If you have a busy schedule or are planning a vacation, let us train your dog while your dog is being boarded with us. This is by far our most popular program and is highly sought after. We will board your dog and treat your dog as one of our family members while it is being trained in basic obedience as well. We only take a few dogs at a time for the boarding and training program.

During your dog’s boarding and training stay, your dog will be integrated into our family. We will socialize your dog with kids and other dogs as well as exposing your dog to different environments. When your dog is not training, your dog will have plenty of play time, exercise and socialization. Dogs that we board and train are loose in our house and are only crated for feeding and sleeping.

I, Michael Mei, certified dog trainer and owner of ABC’s of Dog Training LLC teamed up with Jeanna Munch who is also a certified dog trainer to offer this boarding and training program. We will have two (2) certified dog trainers training your dog. The goal of our boarding and training program is to have your dog listen to everyone in your house. All of the dogs we board and train will learn to listen to commands from both men and women; they will also listen to kids!